About us

We created this bible of information to equip you with all that you need to grow up and survive in the real world, because there is a heck of a lot they don’t teach you at school.

From living independently at university to applying for your first mortgage, from how to lay a table professionally to changing a car tyre, this series of guides answers questions you didn’t even know you had. Let’s face it, getting to grips with adult life is hard enough as it is, especially when time is a luxury, which is why we’ve gathered all the essential information you’ll need in one convenient and accessible place!

We hope you find this useful, if there’s anything you want covered or feel should be included on the site please feel free to send us a message here.


The founder – Lottie Bodilly

Lottie Bodilly founded The Adult Bible in 2017, having realised that there’s a whole lot they don’t teach you at school. She created this one stop shop to bring together information on everything and anything you need to know to get to grips with adult life.

Her obsession with social media and generally being ahead of the curve means that lifestyle trends, top tips and the odd meme play as important a role on The Adult Bible as the serious stuff.

Lottie, who has a background in PR, explains: “I was tired of trawling the internet for answers to my questions and thought it would be so much easier if everything was in one place, and so The Adult Bible was born. I’m passionate about this platform because I know it’s something that’s needed and that everyone can benefit from it, there is something for everyone.”

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