Book review: Olive

Olive by Emma Gannon

Genre: Domestic fiction (also comedic)

Plot overview: Olive lives in London and works as a journalist, she’s independent, kind, and knows her own mind. She is also childfree by choice, in a group of friends who long for and do have children – the book follows her path through adulthood and the taboo about choosing not to have children, whilst also following the lives of her friends around her – touching on the difficulties of infertility, infidelity, and motherhood. It’s not peachy, nor judgemental it’s a life story of friendship and contentment.

Our rating: 7.5/10

Review: This book is a warm sensitive look at adulthood, and touches on really important issues that we come across in life, and whilst not everyone will share the same life decisions, there is something incredibly relatable about each of the characters in the book, whether that be you or someone you know. It’s funny, sad, and happy throughout as the characters are tested with various roadblocks, but ultimately their friendship stands the test of time. Olive is very sweet, sensitive, and likable – there is a little bit of Olive in everyone. Lastly, Sian Clifford from Fleabag narrates the book on audible which made it all the better to listen to.

Recommend to a friend? YES (although this book feels as though it is targetted at 25-40-year-old women, so if you’re in that bracket yes, if you aren’t perhaps no)

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