Book review: Bad Day at the Vulture Club

Bad Day at the Vulture Club by Vaseem Khan

-> Genre: Thriller (India-based), cosy crime

-> Plot overview: A prominent Parsee businessman is found murdered on holy ground, the police dismiss it as a random act of violence but the family of the dead man are not happy with that conclusion so they ask retired policeman, ex inspector Chopra, to look into the death. His dogged determination to find the truth drags him through the murky world of power and corruption in modern Mumbai.

-> Our rating: 8/10

-> Review: This is the fifth book from this author, for this character and although it stands on its own merits some of the earlier books might help explain why he also runs a restaurant and has a baby elephant for a side kick. That however doesn’t stop this being a beautiful insight into the complexities of modern Mumbai, as well as some of the politics and the day to day hardships of many of the people. The murders and the mysteries are skilfully woven into this colourful backdrop of history and geography. Although it can’t help but have moments of pure humour and fantasy, it’s all done with an Indian charm that mixes Bollywood with historic and chaotic India of today.

If you enjoy the book then go back to the beginning (The unexpected inheritance of Inspector Chopra) and find out how natural it is to have a baby elephant as part of his investigation team. 

-> What others say? A most beguiling series, says the Financial Times. The Sunday Times quoted that the novel ‘Keeps things heart-warming while tackling corruption at the highest levels and violent crime at the lowest. Endearing and gripping, it sets up Inspector Chopra – and the elephant – for a long series.’

-> Recommend to a friend? YES, as well as his other four in the series!

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Book review - bad day at the vulture club