Book review: Grown Ups

Grown ups by Marian Keyes

-> Genre: Domestic fiction, Humour

-> Plot overview: A tale of family secrets. The Caseys are a glamorous Irish family; Johnny Casey and his two brothers Ed and Liam, their talented wives and a boat load of kids. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are all spent as a happy family, thanks to Johnny’s wife Jessie, who has cash to splash. Some like each other, some love each other and others despise each other, and so although everything is smiles on the surface the relationships are murkier underneath. Everything more or less stays under control until Ed’s wife Cara gets concussion and speaks her mind and spills all the secrets in front of the entire family. It’s at this point the relationships start to unravel and all adults concerned are forced to question whether it’s time to grow up?

-> Our rating: 7/10

-> Review: The first thing to note about Grown Ups is that it’s VERY long (615 pages long), a plot line that perhaps could have been condensed to make it more digestible. Having said that, it was an easy enough read.. once you got your head around the circa 20 characters (there was a family tree in the print copy that I needed to frequently refer to at the beginning).. it was a witty and sensitive insight into real people’s lives. All the main characters were very well detailed so you really felt like you got to know them, and I enjoyed that the relationships between each of them constantly shifted and we got to see the cast evolve, and ‘grow up’ as it were. It’s cleverly written, it’s laugh out loud in some places, and heartwarming in others – a really nice, pleasurable mix to get stuck into.

-> What others say? It was a Sunday Times No.1 bestseller in 2020, and was described by Graham Norton as ‘magnificently messy lives, brilliantly untangled. Funny, tender and completely absorbing!’. It received 4.4/5 stars on Amazon from just under 5,000 reviews – those who rated it lower generally did so because of it’s length and plethora of characters.

-> Recommend to a friend? YES

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Book review - Grown ups by Marian Keyes