Book review: So Lucky

So lucky by Dawn O’Porter 

-> Genre: humour, romantic, contemporary fiction 

-> Plot overview: Is everyone’s life as perfect as it seems on the outside? Is everyone really as lucky as you might think they are? The story follows three women; Beth, Lauren, and Ruby. Beth is a working mum of a young baby and is completely neglected by her ‘perfect’ husband at home. Lauren is an Insta-famous influencer about to marry a global celeb but struggles behind the scenes to live up to her Instagram perfect life. Ruby is a single mum of one battling with anxiety and pushing people away because of her low self-esteem and neglect. 

-> Our rating: 7/10

-> Review: This book was an easy and light-hearted read, it has you laughing in places and feeling angry in others. It’s a brutally frank showcase of women being pulled in every direction and expected to still have it together. It was realistic and the characters were relatable. That phrase ‘so lucky’ is debated extensively, and mocked profusely throughout the book by each of the women who are told they are ‘so lucky’ in various situations but feel anything but.

Ultimately the book’s aim is to empower women, and it certainly does that – a generally good read.

-> Recommend to a friend? YES