Book review: The Couple Next Door

The couple next door by Shari Lapena

-> Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Domestic fiction

-> Plot overview: Anne and Marco Conti go to a party next door, but when the babysitter cancels last minute they decide they will go anyway and take turns to come back every half an hour to check on the baby. The last time Marco checks on the baby, it is 12:30am and Cora is fine, but when they get home at 1am, the baby is gone.

-> Our rating: 7/10

-> Review: With the story changing tact often you’re kept gripped throughout. As you try to work out what on earth has happened to Cora, other backstories come out of the woodwork, and everyone seems to be lying about something. As the characters begin to fall apart, they become less and less likable but you’re constantly kept guessing as to where Cora is. It’s an easy and entertaining read that had us hooked, but lacked credibility in places, particularly the ending.

-> Recommend to a friend? YES