Book review: The Holiday

The Holiday by T.M Logan

-> Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Domestic fiction

-> Plot overview: It starts off as a perfect holiday with a group of families at a villa in France, arranged by the mums who are all best friends. As the week goes on, more secrets reveal themselves including the main character’s husband’s supposed affair, which the reader follows the drama of closely… until murder seems like the obvious next move for one character.

-> Our rating: 7.5/10

-> Review: It’s well written and as anticipated with thrillers, has you guessing at every turn but many of the characters are not all that likable and can be frustrating and irritating at times. Regardless it was unputdownable, and much of the cliffhangers throughout the book were answered by the end, which was good (one of my pet peeves in stories!) Generally an enjoyable, addictive and easy read.

-> Recommend to a friend? YES

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