Book review: The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Genre: Mystery thriller

Plot overview: Alicia has a lovely life, she’s a famous painter living in London with her fashion photographer husband.. except one day he comes home late and she shoots him five times in the face. Then she doesn’t speak ever again. Why did she stop talking? Why did she shoot him? And can Theo Faber, a dedicated criminal psychotherapist, get her to eventually unwrap her secrets and find out what happened?

Our rating: 8.5/10

Review: A very clever book with lots of twists and turns whilst also being an insightful look into the working world of psychology and mental health. There are several unexpected plot twists that keep you gripped throughout with suspense from events both in the past and present. The writing is easy and engaging and although there are a number of surprises it’s easy to follow. It’s a real whodunnit that is difficult to guess – it’s not a plotline you can predict. Along the way, we get snippets into Alicia’s diary leading up to the murder, alongside of Theo’s point of view.

Recommend to a friend? YES

book review - the silent patient


If you have read it, here are a few questions (food for thought) that won’t give the plot away to those who haven’t:

– What are the similarities between Alicia and Theo?

– Who would you cast for Alicia and Theo in the movie version?

– What did Alicia mean by saying that her father and Gabriel both “killed” her?