How to keep the damp out

Damp is the product of condensation.

Condensation is steam or water vapour that turns into water on cold surfaces, it typically occurs when there is little air movement. It’s commonly found in corners, in cupboards and under work surfaces.

If not treated, condensation can develop into mould and mould will turn your walls/furniture a blacky-green colour – and no one wants that.

Don’t worry, there are ways to keep the damp out, and since the temperature is dropping, follow these tips to avoid meeting Mr. Mould on a cold December night…

Ventilate rooms

If drying clothes, particularly on radiators, open a window and ventilate the room otherwise the condensation will be trapped. The air needs to be able to circulate.

Close doors

Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed when you’re showering/bathing or cooking, the water vapour produced will spread throughout the property otherwise

Circulate air

Don’t overfill cupboards or wardrobe space, the air needs to have room to circulate.

Keep consistently warm

Try to keep your home warm throughout the day in the colder months, heating 24 hours a day is costly but set it to intervals so that the property is never icy cold for a long period of time


Ensure you have sufficient insulation, especially in the loft

Fix broken guttering

Make sure any guttering you have that may be broken is fixed as soon as possible, and any cracks or gaps in the property structure are repaired sooner rather than later, so that the water dripping down the walls doesn’t seep through the brickwork and create dampness

Put a lid on it

Put lids on saucepans when you’re cooking, or if you must have them open ensure a ventilation fan above is turned on.

If you currently have mould, don’t worry, you can get rid of it – you’ll need to wash down the surface affected with a bleach-type solution until it is clear. Make sure you wear gloves and don’t let the bleach touch your skin. You can also buy special paint solutions that may help prevent a return. The only permanent cure is to reduce the condensation in your home.

Head to the NHS website to find further information on how to get rid of damp or mould.

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