Apps for new mums

Being a mum can be a hard slog and very daunting at first, but hopefully some of these apps will help you shush your bubba, streamline all your appointments and make some friends at the same time. Help is on it’s way.

Baby Pack & Go

Ideal for family outings or first holidays, this app acts as a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything before you leave the house. There are also pre-made to do lists that you can customise.
Cost: £0.99

Sound Sleeper: White Noise

This app helps put babies to sleep, it’s a mix of different pitches blended together to sooth a baby. This app will help from birth to the toddler years with sounds of nature, lullabies and white noise.
Cost: Free


Basically tinder for mums, the app allows you to meet other mums near you by filtering your baby’s age and your mum interests. You swipe through like-minded mums and can get in touch to arrange meet-ups. It’ll help you connect with the mummy community in your local area.
Cost: Free

Total baby pro

This app helps you to keep track of everything form their sleeping schedule to new jabs that are needed, and to generally help you stay on top of things. For new mums who want to monitor everything, Total Baby Pro can log bath times, feeding times, nappy changes and even sleeping schedules.
Cost: £4.99

The Wonder Weeks

This app helps you to understand the development stages of your baby and recognise cognitive changes as they happen. With explanations as to why your baby may be behaving in a certain way, The Wonder Weeks guides you through it all.
Cost: £3.99