Apps to help manage your money

1. Monzo –

You’ve probably heard of this one before, it’s for budgeting, breaking down and monitoring, Monzo can act as a debit card. The app categorises your purchases so you can easily see how much money you are spending on food, for example, a month, whether that be in restaurants, takeaways or at the supermarket. It helps to get an idea of where your money goes each month. Free to download and no monthly or hidden fees.

2. Moneybox –

This is cool, it’s an app to help you invest all the spare change that sits in your bank in awkward numbers. The first three months are free and then £1 thereafter, but the app also charges a percentage of your invested cash so make sure you read the Ts&Cs.

3. Money Dashboard

The ultimate online finance organiser, this app allows you to view all your accounts on one dashboard, what’s more it categorises your transactions so you know what areas you spend your money e.g. travel, much alike Monzo.


4. Mint

All your bills under one roof, essentially the US version of Money Dashboard but available to all. It connects all your accounts and shows on one screen as well as allowing you the ability to create budgets and set financial goals, which would be helpful if you were saving for something like a house, holiday etc. Unfortunately although good to know about, at the moment this app is only available for those with financial accounts in the US or Canada… but we’re hoping they create a UK version soon.


5. Wally

Organisation at it’s peak, great for tracking expenses because you can scan your receipts. You can set financial goals to achieve too. This app is free to download.


6. Squirrel

Uber cool, this app is for those of you who splash all the cash in the first week or so of receiving your salary. The idea is that you get your salary paid into an account every month (check the T&Cs on their website) and then Squirrel drip feeds the money to your account across the month so you can manage it a bit better, and at least this way you know it’ll see you through to the end of the month. It’ll also make you feel like every Monday is payday!


7. Clarity Money

This is pretty clever, this app monitors your spending and financial accounts and works out how you could be saving more and what you need to cut down on by suggesting alternatives and recommendations.


For more information on saving accounts and ISAs (what they are, and what types are about) click here.

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