Apps to keep you better connected

As millions of us have been told to stay at home during this strange time, in a bid to curb the spread of the virus, we’ve pulled together a list of apps to keep you connected with your friends, family and work colleagues.

To keep connected with your family and friends:


Houseparty is a video chat app that feels like an extension of your social life – you spontaneously gather with your friends and family. Plus until you ‘lock the room’ anyone can jump in on your conversations (you have to be friends with at least one person in that room to do so). The app got 2m downloads in one week in March as millions are stuck indoors.

The added bonus with Houseparty is that there are in-app games to play with your friends and family – there is trivia, Headsup and Pictionary, as you screen-share.

The app is free to download.


Houseparty - the adult bible Houseparty - the adult bible

Whatsapp call

As usual on the app, you can very simply either voice call or video call people via the internet (or 3G if available). You can also make group calls.

The app is free to download.

whatsapp - the adult bible


Voxer is essentially a live ‘Walkie Talkie’ messaging app, where there is a ‘push-to-talk’ system. Users can deliver live voice messages. There is also a location option, whereby the receiver can see where the voice messages are physically coming from.

The app was founded after the co-founder Tom Katis conducted a tour of duty in Afganistan as a Special Forces communications sergeant, and spotted the need to have a tech-y walkie talkie that made communication live.



FaceTime is Apple’s video and audio calling service. Only available on Apple devices.

video calling - the adult bible

Video conferencing platforms:


Ideal for work, and easy to use Zoom is a professional video communications platform. You can use video or audio conferencing, and it’s perfect for webinars. Added to which, you can use Zoom on your computer, phone or any device you can download apps onto.

Zoom is the original software-based conference room solution, and can be used in any country. 


apps to help you stay connected - the adult bible zoom - the adult bible


Skype is the ultimate call and messaging service, ideal for co-workers and business partners around the world. Free and easy to use on any device.


skype - the adult bible skype - the adult bible

Project management applications


Trello is essentially an online whiteboard, you use it to arrange ‘cards’ which act as notes on a to do list. Cards indicate tasks, projects, files and notes that you need to do – you paste them on ‘boards’ and can shift them as you work your way through the tasks.

Trello is handy for teams to all join, and access as a way of acting more collaboratively.


trello - the adult bible trello - the adult bible


A very simple project management solution, Asana is a platform available on the web or on an app. It helps teams organize, track and manage their work.

You can use it to create project timelines, with assigned jobs to various team members. The to do tasks can be organised via ‘new requests’ – ‘in progress’ and ‘complete’ (the element is similar to Trello).


asana - the adult bible the adult bible