Ask for Angela: what’s the deal?

Ask for Angela is a campaign started in 2016 by Hayley Child, a sexual violence and abuse strategy co-coordinator for Lincolnshire to help those who are out in bars or clubs and may not feel safe on their date/who they’re with.

The idea of the campaign is that if you go to a bar and ‘ask for Angela’ the staff then know you need some help getting out of your situation and will call you a cab, help you get out discreetly or diffuse the situation, without making a scene.

Did you know… Angela is a play on the word Angel, to signify a guardian angel.

What started out in Lincolnshire has now been rolled out across the country, and the Met police in London are now working with venues across the capital to help prevent and reduce sexual violence and vulnerability with the code word campaign.

Posters of the Ask for Angela campaign are intended to be displayed on the back of toilet doors in both men and women’s bathrooms.