Baby showers: what, where, who, when?

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is an event created to celebrate, in advance, the birth of a new baby, and the mum-to-be. It’s a chance to gather girlfriends and family (grannies, aunties, sisters, family friends, co-workers etc) to give a little something for the imminent birth of a baby.

Who hosts a baby shower: Typically a best friend will host the baby shower

When should the baby shower take place: It can happen at any point from when the mum-to-be announces the pregnancy, but it usually occurs later in the pregnancy after all the baby checks have been done. Choose a date that all the important people can attend (i.e. the family of the mum-to-be)

Where to host a baby shower: You can host it anywhere, most people host at their homes (it eliminates a cost!) but if this isn’t an option, you could look to hire a community hall or a room in a hotel, or a private dining room in a restaurant/cafe – the possibilities are endless, depending on the budget (if you’re expecting guests to contribute, check budgets with them before booking anything)

Who to invite: Traditionally these events are female-only affairs (friends and family), although nowadays it’s becoming increasingly common for dad-to-be’s to join

The actual event: Baby showers tend to have themes, be it a film, singer or era, to make it a little more fun. When it comes to food, simple is best, it’s easier to provide a selection of food for guests to pick at rather than a sit-down meal unless it’s afternoon tea or you’re at a restaurant and someone is organising it all for you. If your guests don’t know each other, it’s good to start with an ice breaker but don’t plan too much because guests will be happy chatty amongst themselves

What to bring as a guest to a baby shower: It’s etiquette (although not always expected) to bring a gift for the expectant mum or her baby when you attend one of these events.

Baby shower gift suggestions…

  1. A variety of age baby clothes, don’t just go for the newborn clothes as babies will quickly outgrow these
  2. Think of the season the baby will be born in – in other words thick fleecy tops for a newborn summer baby probably won’t get much use, but if your buying for a 6- 12 month old probably more useful
  3. Bibs are a popular choice, but you can end up with a bib mountain!
  4. Treats for the mum always go down well… toiletries or something for when she’s in hospital, like slippers
  5. Sensory toys for the baby
  6. Educational books for parents, for after the baby has arrived
  7. Baby hairbrush
  8. Personalised nappy bag
  9. Baby bathing robe
  10. Donation to a children’s charity (actually, some parents-to-be request only charity donations as gifts)