The best European cities to visit

Thinking of going away this Autumn? These are the best cities to visit…

Florence, Italy

For romance, head to Florence, it’s one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Florence is filled with classical music, dramatic opera and contemporary art, as well as an array of quirky shops, lively bars and Tuscan restaurants. The city in early Autumn is mostly warm meaning tourists can dine al fresco and enjoy open-air concerts. The best thing… it’s only just over a two hour flight from London!


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Canals run through the city, lined with big orange trees (approx. 400,000), making it one of Europe’s most magical Autumnal cities. It’s a busy few months for the city; in October, Amsterdam plays host to a city-wide dance festival with music events happening at any one of the 120 venues that take part in the Amsterdam Dance Event. In November you can take advantage of Museum Night, an event that allows you access after dark into over 50 museums in the city until 2am, where, inside there may be concerts, workshops or performances going on. There’s lots going on, and since you’re now able to reach Amsterdam via train from London it won’t take you long to get in on the action.

Image credit: Coster Diamonds

Bordeaux, France

Named as one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, Bordeaux is authentically French and has previously been named the wine region of the world, so you’re not won’t be short of a vineyard or two (though we don’t encourage drinking in excess, for the facts: There’s plenty of cute french bistros, bakeries and wine museums to keep you busy. What’s more you can get the train between London and Bordeaux in just under six hours, making it affordable and easily accessible for a weekend away.

Image credit: Vincarta

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the best cities to celebrate Christmas in, with it’s dramatic scenery and breathtaking landscapes, Edinburgh is a must see in Autumn. The farmers markets are in full swing, everything feels a lot cosier and the theaters are filled with showstoppers.

Image credit: Arcadia University

Pula, Croatia

Slightly more undiscovered than Split and Dubrovnik, Pula is uncrowded and the perfect coastal spot for an Autumn relaxing getaway. It’s rich in history with one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in Europe, and has plenty of beautiful sites to see, like the iron-and-glass covered market where locals go to get their fruit, veg, meat and fish shopping. Positioned on the coast, those who do visit the city tend to venture to the pebble beaches for a dip.

Image credit: My Little Adventure