Home workouts videos to try

Yoga with Adriene:

Adriene has a free YouTube channel, which has over 6 millions subscribers. She publishes free videos on yoga and has a bank of over 500 on YouTube for you to pick from. She publishes videos often, at least weekly. Adriene’s videos range from a 30min bedtime yoga tutorial to fat burning workouts – they’re perfect for every eventuality, whether you feel like 15-minute stretch or a more intense 60-minute tums and bums session.

What do you need? Just a matt, and a yoga block (optional)

Website? www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene

*There is a huge number of benefits to practicing yoga – read this

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James Stirling – London fitness guy (LFG):

As a qualified personal trainer, James has created a huge fitness following on social media – he has around 220k followers on Instagram.

He does short Instagram live video workouts throughout the week that you can join, and has a ton of videos on his page that you can follow. LFG also has an app that acts as ‘your pocket PT’.

What do you need? Absolutely nothing, just yourself

Website: www.londonfitnessguy.com

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Results Wellness Lifestyle (RWL):

Lucy Mecklenburgh started this community, which has lots of 30-minute classes and thousands of home workouts, in 2013 (previously called Results With Lucy). They have recently launched a program of workouts that they are streaming live every day, for free on Instagram.

If you are pregnant, they also have a whole separate channel called ‘results with bump’, with lots of pre and postnatal fitness classes and home workouts on.

What do you need? Dumbbells if possible (or you can use filled water bottles) and a matt

Website: www.resultswellnesslifestyle.com

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Joe Wicks – The Body Coach:

You know Joe. He has a huge collection of YouTube videos that you can watch and follow, from 15-minute fat burner workouts to joining the ‘Sweat Challenge’ where he uploads a video a day for 7 days. Also, if you’re feeling unmotivated he’s a great guy to follow on Instagram because he’s so happy and chirpy pretty much all the time.

Joe is also doing Insta Live videos in the evenings that you can join in with.

What do you need? Absolutely nothing, just yourself

Website: www.thebodycoach.com

The Adult Bible - Joe Wicks

Cat Meffan:

The super-zen Cat Meffan is the ultimate yoga teacher. She posts 15-min videos, 20-min videos, and 45-min videos onto her YouTube channel, which you can follow for free (and join her community of 128k subscribers). She also has started posting short videos on her Instagram to follow from home.

What do you need? A matt

Website: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVrWHW_xYpDnr3p3OR4KYGw

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