Essential items to buy before your baby arrives

There are a lot of things you will want to prepare before you have a baby, there are the obvious items such as a cot, car seat and dummies, but we’ve put together a few highly recommended items for first-time mum’s to have ready for when their little one arrives (some obvious, some not so much)…

1. Baby wipes

These are incredibly useful and easily available. If you’re interested in a biodegradable version there are many options particularly if you can purchase online

2. Nappies

An obvious one but these are going to be an essential purchase and it’s a good idea to get a big pack for when you get home from the hospital for the first time with your baby. There is a huge range of nappies to choose from (sustainable, recyclable etc) so you’ll soon find the one most suitable to you and your baby, but try a selection out before picking. A lot of new mums opt for the reusable nappy liner that you can just pop in the washing machine as it’s slightly more cost-effective in the long run, so worth bearing in min

3. White noise

This is actually the noise a baby may be used to hearing while inside its mother’s tummy. For example, if mum is a hairstylist, white noise could be the sound of a hairdryer and someone having their hair cut. These sounds can be recreated or recorded to create a calming and soothing environment for a baby when born. It’s a good idea to have these sorts of things sorted for when you’re exhausted and the baby is crying – every little helps and preparation is key

4. A bathing chair

This is to sit the baby in so you can both enjoy a bath together safely. A bathing seat keeps the baby secure and gives them support so you can clean the baby easily. It’s advisable to look for seats that have suction cups, and if they become lose it’s advisable to replace the seat. They are relatively inexpensive, and from a safety aspect, invaluable

5. Sudocrem

A soothing cream for nappy rash, one of the oldest and most trusted creams. Sudocrem has proven to protect baby’s skin and reduce the risk of infection – so it’s worth having a few tubs handy

6. Coconut oil

It’s a natural product and great on dry skin, it will nourish your baby’s skin. Although be careful, if you add to a bath be careful even a small amount in a bath can make your baby very slippery

7. A breast pump

If you’re planning to breastfeed, a pump is essential. You’ll also need milk bottles to express. These can be bought on Amazon, or any reputable mother and baby store

8. Thumbnail file

Some babies are born with long, soft but sharp nails and they may need to be gently trimmed as they can easily scratch their face with them, using a thumbnail file is the safest way

9. Breast pads

Breast pads are an alien product until you have a baby, but it will save embarrassing and uncomfortable damp patches appearing through your top if you’re breastfeeding

10. Nipple cream

Have some of this in your overnight hospital bag, you may or may not need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you planned ahead!