Fridge and freezer food hygiene

Where to put things in the fridge…

Chucking food in the fridge is a great way to keep the food fresh, and out of the danger temperature zone (keep your fridge at 5°C and below). But making sure you put things in the correct order is important too. For example;

The top shelf in a fridge generally has a mild temperature, which makes it a good place to store butter and cheeses.

The middle section of a fridge is usually slightly colder, which is ideal for cooked meats, fresh fish, eggs and dairy products like cream, yogurts and soft cheeses.

The lower levels tend to be colder still, and is the best place to chuck your raw meats and chilled ready meals.

Then the drawers at the bottom generally stay the least cool which is why you should only really keep fruits and vegetables in there.

Things to remember about fridges…

  • Don’t put hot foods in the fridge, as it may raise the fridge overall temperature
  • If you over crowd the fridge the cool air won’t have room to circulate

Freezer do’s and dont’s…

  • Do freeze food anytime before it’s use-by-date
  • Do ensure you defrost meat and fish thoroughly before cooking
  • Do recook food until it’s steaming hot throughout (70°c for two minutes)
  • Don’t put food in the freezer bare as it may get freezer burn, always make sure it’s wrapped up
  • Don’t eat meat that has been defrosted longer than 24hrs
  • Don’t refreeze raw meat (including poultry) or fish that has been defrosted

Information sourced from the NHS Live Well website

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