Quick ways to get a grip of your bills

Ignorance is not bliss

Make sure you know what bills you’re meant to be paying once you move in, write down a list of everything you’ll need to pay for, like; electricity, energy, water etc. Then at least you’ll know what to expect, and when one doesn’t come you’ll be aware. 


There’s not many things in life you can’t negotiate, especially the price you pay for bills, if you think you can get a better price then ask. There’s no harm in asking.


Pay off as much as you can at once, if possible.  Debt is debt regardless of the amount… whether it be £5 or £500.


If at all possible it’s good to put away more than the bill is so you can build up an emergency fund, in case you have a bill that is more than expected.

Make a spreadsheet

Get organised, having everything on paper in front of you makes it easier to get your head around things and that way you’ll be able to physically see how much is coming in and out. Also writing it down means you can track how much each bill is costing you a month.. so you can monitor when you’re using more/less. 

Cut your cloth accordingly

This is a simple mantra to live by, if your bank account says you can’t afford it, you can afford, don’t stretch yourself too thinly because you might never be able to catch up.

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