How to apply for a ski season

We spoke to experienced ski seasonaires who shared their advice on applying for a ski season, and what to consider ahead of your season…

1. Research where you’d like to go

Country and/or particular resort

2. Research job opportunities and decide which you’d like to do

The best way to do this is online via direct websites, however most resorts have Facebook groups you can request to join where opportunities are posted.

Examples include –

  • Bar work
  • Chalet work – host/ chef
  • Hotel host
  • Nanny work
  • Driver
  • Waiter
  • Work in a shop i.e ski hire

Your decision may be based on factors such as;

  • How much ski time you’d like
  • How much you’re interested in socialising
  • Money – including tips

Be aware some jobs will be targeted to specific age groups or experience so make sure you’re not wasting your time applying to something you won’t be considered for.

3. Prepare your CV

Make sure you tailor it to the job. Here’s a template you can use

4. Prepare a cover note

Again, ensure it tailors what you are applying for

5. Applying

Some jobs will include an online application process with a number of questions, others will simply provide an email address for submitting CV and cover note 

6. Wait to hear back!

The next stage will be an interview, either in person or online.

7. What’s included?

Once you have secured a job, remember to enquire about key details such as what will be included within your employment. Many Chalet Host jobs will include flights, accommodation, food, ski pass and a monthly salary as well as tips. This might be something you want to consider before applying for a job or to ask about during the interview process.

8. Accommodation

If your job doesn’t include accommodation, research where to live during your season. The best thing to do is to ask your future employee for their recommendation, speak to people who have previously lived here, ask on social media groups/ online for recommendations.

9. Time to book travel

Book a flight and transfer to the resort. A ski pass can be organised when you get there!

10. Pack

Remember you can buy things when you are there either in shops or online so if you forget anything it really doesn’t matter.

Things to consider when applying for a ski season:

1. When choosing your company….

Look on Trustpilot/Glassdoor for reviews of ex-employees to get a real sense

2. Consider how many employees will be in the resort with you

Some have huge numbers whereas some are more bespoke, and may have less than 15. Find out whether the company hires a wide age range of people too, or if it’s likely to be just pre/post-university students.

3. What do you want to get out of your season?

Do you want to spend as much time as possible on the slopes? Going there to party? Because you want to meet lots of likeminded people? Different jobs will suit different people. Chalet hosting is the most atypical but do not underestimate it – it’s hard work and early mornings. However with chalet hosting, you are able to get into a routine and you are in charge of your hours, whereas other jobs, bar work, for example, will provide set hours every week.

4. Apply early

Most companies start recruiting straight after the end of the previous season. If whichever company you’ve decided to go for doesn’t clearly explain the process on their website, email and ask what jobs they are likely to have available. The earlier you apply, the more choice you will have in terms of resorts and job types.

5. Take a good vegetable peeler with you!