How to ask for a pay rise at work

You really want a pay rise, but it’s difficult and even a bit embarrassing to raise the subject with your boss. If you’re thinking about biting the bullet, these tips should help…


– Make a clear case. You have a better chance of succeeding if you can give strong reasons why you should be paid more. Think about what these are. Perhaps you’ve taken on extra responsibilities, exceeded targets, introduced new ideas or constantly gone the extra mile?

– Decide how much more money you want. Research pay rates for your type of job across different businesses for comparison rather than pluck a figure out of the air. Be realistic but round the figure up a little to give room for negotiation.

– Write it down. It’s a good idea to put your case in writing and give it to your boss before you meet. It gives him/her time to consider it and could be useful if they need to plead your case with senior executives.


– Pick your time carefully. Don’t ambush your boss over the coffee machine with your request. Arrange to meet when he/she has time to listen. Or if you have an annual appraisal coming up, and you think it’s likely to be glowing, this is a great time to ask for a rise.

In the meeting

– Negotiate well. Be polite, reasonable, and business-like when discussing pay with your boss, and prepare for a no. If a pay rise isn’t possible there and then, keep the ball rolling and ask for and set some objectives which can help you reach your goal.

– Keep calm. If you’re turned down, don’t lose your temper, cry or threaten to leave. This could damage your prospects and relationship with your boss. You might need a reference in the future, so always stay on the side. There could also be very fair reasons why your request can’t be met.

The next step

If you win your pay rise – congratulations! If not, take the time to consider your options and plan your next move. Ultimately, it may be that the only way to earn more is to apply for a promotion or find a job with another company.

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