How to have a digital declutter

All but the most organised of us suffer from digital clutter. Do you have so many emails and documents that it’s difficult to find them and it’s slowing down your computer? If so, it’s probably affecting your productivity and causing you stress. The answer is a regular e-clean-up. Here are some simple tips to help you get more organised…

The obvious one: delete your documents

Go through all your emails and documents and delete any you don’t need. Put those you want to keep into folders where they can be easily found. Be ruthless – don’t keep anything ‘just in case’. Sort by date (oldest first), or by subject, so you can wipe out chunks at a time.

Unsubscribe from lists and newsletters

These can be relentless – some companies, especially retailers, will email you every day. They don’t only clutter, they distract too. Unsubscribe from newsletters or change the frequency you receive them. Get in the habit of doing this every time you receive one. Another quick way to do this is to click on the email, go to junk and opt for ‘block sender’.

Clean out your downloads file

It’s easy to forget downloads and they take up a lot of storage space. If you know you’ve saved them elsewhere, delete the lot. When it comes to your inbox, keep any emails necessary but delete their attachments to reduce storage that way. Otherwise, sort by date first and then start culling.

Delete and organise photos

Photos are another space killer. Organise them by date or topic, and delete any you don’t want. Moving images from your computer on to a cloud drive like DropBox™ will free up space.

Tidy your desktop

A tidy desktop is like a tidy desk, it makes you feel better. Delete any shortcuts you don’t need. While you’re at it, refresh your screensaver with a calming new picture!

Defrag your hard disc

Files get fragmented over time and slow down your computer. Running a defrag is easy and improves performance.

It’s very easy to lose interest when doing a digital declutter – it’s not exactly top of our fun list. If it feels overwhelming and is likely to take hours, don’t attempt to do it in one hit. Set aside time to do a little each day until you’re back on track and then set yourself a reminder to do it regularly.

Contributed by Property House Marketing