How to help your hair grow faster and longer

The hairdressers is always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience – most people aspire to have rapunzal-like hair but end up getting it chopped to be healthier. Here is what Chloe Mills, Senior Hair Stylist at Arena Hair said when we asked how to help your hair grow faster and longer…

1. Get frequent trims

Unfortunately a nonnegotiable for those wanting long hair. A regular trim will take off any split ends and keep your hair healthier. The healthier the hair the quicker it will grow

2. Supplements

If your worried that your hair isn’t growing or not growing as quick as you like you could try taking hair skin and nail supplements, these will give your hair a boost. You can get them from any health food shops such as Holland and Barrett. If you have a very healthy diet your body will already be packed full of strengthening ingredients, but it doesn’t help to give it a little boost. If you are going to take supplements and have any worries, check with your doctor first

3. Diet

Maintain a healthy diet and eat the right foods, lots of protein like nuts and oily food can help your hair to grow

4. Turn down the heat

Curlers, straighteners, hair dryers etc. will all damage your hair to a certain extent and if done continually the hair will start to break off. If it’s not possible to cut down how much you use the tools on your hair, then at least use a heat protectant every time you style to avoid as much damage as is possible

5. Coloured hair

The more you colour your hair the more damaged it can appear which can stop your hair from growing. If you do colour your hair keep it healthy and nourished by using hair oil daily and doing regular hair treatments. There is an in salon treatment called olaplex which unlike a conditioning treatment which works on the outside olaplex works internally to build back up the hair bonds that get broken down by colour and heat this leaves your hair stronger

Wishing you hair a long and healthy life. For how to maintain healthy hair, read this guide.