How to maintain healthy hair

For most people, getting your hair to a healthy state takes a lot of work. For those who are born with it, you lucky things. We spoke to Chloe Mills, Senior Hair Stylist at Arena Hair for her tips on how to maintain healthy hair…

1. Don’t over wash your hair

Washing your hair everyday can make your hair dry but make your scalp more oily as you are over stimulating the scalps sebaceous glands. Refrain from washing your hair every day to every other day or even 1-2 times per week if can manage


2. Always use professional shampoo and conditioner

Always opt for professional products. A lot of supermarket brands have lots of chemicals that can make your hair feel nice on the outside but damages from the inside. Natural products that contain oils such as Argan and coconut oil are brilliant

3. Do use hair oil

Try and use a hair oil everyday, my favourite is morrocan oil which contains argan oil. If you use only a pea size on wet or dry hair and on the ends only it won’t make your hair feel greasy just will add moisture and shine

4. Use weekly conditioning masks

Use a conditioning mask once a week instead of normal conditioner leave on the hair for anything up to an hour and cover with a shower cap. This will deep condition the hair and keep it feeling healthy. For everyday conditioner use comb through when wet and leave on for a couple of minutes

5. Trim it often

Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks depending on personal preference and hair length this will maintain length and take off any dry ends to keep the hair looking healthy

6. Use heat protector

Always use a heat protector before applying any kind of heat i.e. straighteners/hairdrying