How to move to a new city on your own

It’s a challenge, there’s no doubt about it. Don’t underestimate the balls it takes to move to a new city on your own.


Secure a roof over your head before you get there. If you don’t, they’ll be a whole lot of added pressure. Also, make sure you can actually afford to live there, your monthly rent or mortgage shouldn’t generally exceed 25% of your disposable income. More tips here.

Find a job if you’re not moving to a city for a job. Unless you can afford not to, securing a job should be your second most important task (after finding a home).


The obvious: make friends

It’s harder than you think to make new friends, people are happy with their friendship groups after school and university and so don’t feel the need to expand their horizons on the friends-front. So if you want to meet new people, who could be potential friends, you need to be proactive with a ‘go get ‘em’ attitude.

Make a connection

No doubt the new city you move to, a friend of a friend will live there or have visited or have family there. There will be a connection somewhere within your network. Try asking your Facebook friends for connections. People are always keen to be matchmakers. We live in a world where everyone is online, so there is likely to be someone you can go for coffee with, however tentative the link is.

Put yourself out there

Text first. Ask someone to meet up for a drink. Be bold. But always safe, meet in public places and tell people where you are going.

Get to know your neighbours

Say hi and smile. Introduce yourself and ask for tips in the area – this is always a good first conversation topic, and helpful to know a little about your neighbours.

Don’t lose touch

Speak to your friends and family lots, so that you don’t miss them too much. Schedule calls, Facetime often and connect via Skype if need be. They’ll keep you grounded and it’s nice to know someone is only a phone call away, so don’t lose those close to you because of the distance.

Be adventurous

Remember the reason you moved in the first place. Explore. Go see things and make memories. Living independently means you’ll become adaptable and open-minded, it may unleash a whole new you.

Say yes

Your comfort zone may mean you want to stay in, or go home after work, but whilst you’re trying to make friends and make the most of a new city, it’s a good idea to say yes to as many social arrangements as possible (within reason of course!) Say yes to spending time with people that have similar interests to you.

Spend time knowing you

As Diane Von Furstenberg said: The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.