How to interview, from what to wear and what to ask…

Typical questions to prepare for

  • Competency-based questions (explain a time when, demonstrate when you had to, give me an example of when you…)
  • Biographical interview questions (tell me about yourself, what motivates you, what is your greatest achievement…)
  • Asking questions when the interviewer asks if you have any at the end is always seen as though you are truly interested and have thought about the role. Questions to prepare to ask after…

Dress code

  • Contemporary rather than classic
  • Echo the ‘in-house’ style, i.e. reflect the job culture
  • Invest in a new interview outfit
  • Look like someone who already works there
  • Pay considerable attention to grooming – hair etc
  • Ensure briefcases and handbags are smart
  • Get objective feedback from others

Phone etiquette

  • Phone interviews typically last between 20-25 minutes
  • Always make a pre-prepared list of questions
  • Answer the call in a professional manor, as though you are in a face-to-face interview
  • Call off a landline if you can and leave your mobile phone in another room so that you don’t get distracted
  • Dress smart so you’re in the zone, if you wear trackies it’s likely that you’ll be more laid back on the phone which isn’t necessarily the best thing

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