How to leave work at work

Managing a work life balance is always a tricky one to manage; it has to be a mindset. There are always tasks that crop up at the last minute, or unfinished business that needs attending to, although the question is.. can it wait until tomorrow?

Here’s how to help…

If you work from home, stick to fixed working hours

It’s easy to start earlier and finish later because you’re in a comfortable environment but it’s really important that there is an obvious line between work and leisure time.

Set boundaries and be strict

More often than not, it’s your choice whether you stay an extra hour or five, so be strict with yourself and stick to your guns – if you say your leaving at 6, leave at 6 don’t make excuses unless it’s important.

Write a list of what you need to do before you leave

When you write a list, you’re putting down your thoughts onto paper and releasing them from your to do list in your head. You won’t then be worrying when you get home of all the things you need to do, as they’ll be waiting for you to do in the morning.

Wash your hands with soap and water when you get home

Research by the psychologists at the University of Michigan found that washing your hands with soap and water can help you stop questioning your judgment, and so the soap and water act as mentally ‘cleaning the slate’.

Try muting your emails outside of work hours

If it’s possible, it’s best not to have them on your phone at all, as they’ll constantly be on your mind. But if you have to have them, then at least turn off the notifications so that when you leave work they don’t appear on your phone unless you actively refresh your emails. If you’re worried that you’ll miss urgent emails, you could even put an out of office on instructing to call if urgent – that way you’ll know what can wait until the morning and what cant.