8 ways to make a house a home

For a homely home it needs to feel welcoming as well as reflect it’s owner(s). We’ve put together some ideas to get you started…

  • If you don’t have carpet, rugs can make a space homely and warm… don’t just get any old one though, make sure it feels nice on your feet



  • Add personal touches like photo frames, collected items and your favourite things


  • Don’t let it get unbearably messy, no doubt it’ll stress you out so give your house a good spring clear every so often


  • Light a candle, or get some fairy lights

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  • Put up your favourite paintings and pictures (if you’re in rented or can’t hang up pictures for one reason or another, you can just ‘prop’ them up on shelves or on the floor, they can still look nice)


  • Be tactical with storage, there are loads of solutions even for small spaces – stylish baskets or cool DIY units could do the job


If you’ve just moved into a new pad, some of this info might be useful!