Cooking potatoes

Mash potato:

Skin the potatoes and chuck them in a big pot of boiling water, when you can stick a fork in the potatoes and they slide off easily, the little buggers are cooked. Drain the water out, and start squashing them with a masher. If you don’t have a masher just use a fork and press them against the side of the pot. Add milk or cream to make the mash creamier, and a knob of butter and pinch of salt to taste. Traditionally creamy mash is made with 1:1 ratio of potato and butter but that’s too much for me!

Roast potato:

Chuck a few sprigs of thyme, a couple of heaped tablespoons of olive oil and two garlic gloves cut in half (don’t worry about pealing the skin) into a deep pan and put it in the oven on a medium heat roughly 180 degrees for 4-5 minutes. This will infuse the oil with flavours from the thyme and garlic to coat your roasties in. Meanwhile chop and peal (you can keep the skins on if you prefer) the potatoes to serving size, bearing in mind the larger they are the longer they will take to cook. Once they are chopped and the oil is infused, bang them together and use a wooden spoon to turn the potatoes in the oil making sure they get a full coating. Then put them in the oven which should already be heated up, check them every 15-20minutes and give them a turn so they get a lovely even golden coat. Depending on the size of the potatoes they should be cooked in around 40minutes.

Microwave jacket potato:

Possibly the easiest and quickest ways to cook a potato. Put a few slices in a cross shape across the top half of the potato half an inch deep or so just to break the surface. Then bung it in the microwave for around 5-8minutes depending on the size of it, take it out carefully as it’ll be a hottie. Push down on the four corners around the cross and the potato should open up like a little parcel ready for some butter and whatever else you want to fill it with!