12 simple ways to prolong the life of your things

You want your personal belongings – from your fav leather shoes to your trusty stead the dishwasher – to live long and happy lives, here is just a selection of bullets points to note in order to keep them in as best condition as possible!

By Tara Button, author and founder of website BuyMeOnce.com

  1. Protect furniture with a non-toxic spray and wipe spills immediately
  2. Condition leather furniture, bags and shoes monthly
  3. Plump and turn pillows and mattresses and always use a decent mattress protector
  4. Polish wooden furniture every three to six months
  5. Sunlight can degrade rubber, plastic and some fabrics, so keep these away from windows or use blinds and shutters
  6. Empty filters on appliances and descale regularly depending on how hard your water is. Scale is one of the top killers of appliances
  7. Run cleaning cycles in dishwashers and washing machines every few months (still don’t know how to do your washing? No worries, click here)
  8. Every six months clean the fridge and freezer cooling coils and put Vaseline on the seals to prevent cracking
  9. Wash by hand anything precious
  10. Empty the dishwasher as soon as possible to avoid rust
  11. Oil wooden boards and counters every three months
  12. Get knives sharpened as they become dull (click for the best ones to have in your kitchen!)

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