Sewing repairs you can do from home

We all have those clothes that are right in the back of our wardrobe because they have lost a button or the hem has come loose but they don’t have to stay there any longer. Rachel Hodgson, professional costume and dressmaker, has put together 5 sewing repairs everyone can do from home…

1. Sewing on a button:

Thread a needle with thread a similar colour to the button.

Insert the needle through the wrong side of the fabric and through the button. Then, pull out the needle and thread and go back down in the next hole.

how to sew

Repeat several times until the button feels tight and firm. Wrap the thread several times around the base of the button.

how to sew

Insert the needle back through the fabric and sew a couple of loops through the backstitching.

Form a knot through the thread, pull tight and cut off any excess thread. This is tying off.

how to sew

2. Hemming a pair of trousers/skirt/dress:

If you are about to head out but noticed the hem of your trousers is coming down there is no need to panic. Just do the Herringbone stitch.

Thread the needle with the correct colour thread and tie a knot in the end. Fold the hem up to the position you want it to be in.

Insert the needle from underneath the hem you are turning up. Pull the thread all the way through. Moving towards the right, insert the needle into the main part of the garment going from right to left and leaving a large gap.

how to sew

Then, pull the thread all the way through. Going right, insert the needle into the hem of the garment also going right to left. You should form a triangle.

Repeat for as long as is needed and tie off.

how to sew

3. Re-threading a cord:

Attach a safety pin to the cord that has come out. Insert the safety pin into the hole the cord has come out of.

how to sew

Using your fingers move the safety pin through the channel. Do this until the safety pin is all the way to the end and you can pull out the safety pin and the cord.

how to sew

4. Darning a hole:

Thread a needle with a similar colour thread to the garment that has a hole. Tie a knot at the end of the thread.

Insert the needle from the wrong side of the fabric, loop the thread over the hole and put the needle back into the fabric after the hole. Do that repetitively over the hole until it is completely covered. Make sure not to pull too tightly as you do it to keep it nice and flat.

how to sew

At the top change the direction of the thread and weave through the stitching vertically. Repeat the weave vertically, alternating between over and under. Tie off.

how to sew

5. Sewing on a label:

This is perfect for parents who may need to sew on name labels or swimming badges.

Thread a needle and tie a knot at the end.

Insert the needle from the wrong side of the fabric going through the label as well. Then, pull the thread out, take it over the label and put it back through the fabric. Repeat until you have covered the whole label and tie off.

how to sew