The things you forget about cleaning

COVID isn’t going away anytime soon… this is a list of things you should be cleaning but probably don’t very regularly, so it may be time to revisit. 

Gym bag

If it’s a fabric bag it needs washing much the same as your gym clothes, pop it in the machine if you can, if not wipe it down inside and out with a damp cloth, and/or sprinkle baking soda to help absorb odours.

Kitchen and bathroom bin

You chuck nasty food in the kitchen bin all the time, probably even gone off food and there’s just a thin piece of the bag between the bin and that nasty food, so it’s a good idea to give it a thorough clean at least once a month. The same goes with your bathroom bin, although it may not hold food, there may be other unhygienic objects in there.


We know it’s a hassle, and that they take ages to dry but your body – sweat and all – sleep in those sheets day in and day out, and so they can only go so long before they become incredibly unhygienic, aim to wash them at least every two weeks, or better still have a spare set so you can change them over once a week.

Kitchen sponges

Sponges are bacteria-infested. They’re cheap, so replace them often, or put them in the dishwasher on a full cycle.

Door handles

How many people have touched the door handles in your home today, or this week? …and how many of those do you know have washed their hands? It’s a good idea to scrub them with some anti-bacterial every now and then.

Toothbrush holder

Fill it with hot, soapy water to get rid of the gunk. If you haven’t cleaned the holder in a while go and have a look and you’ll see what we mean.

Skirting boards

You probably hoover your home often, and you might even steam clean the floors but most forget to wash the skirting board. Once your skirting boards get dirty, or a bit mucky the whole home can look dirty. If you need to repaint because they’re looking like they need a spruce, click here for details on which paints to use.

Toilet brush

It should sit or be cleaned in some bleach and hot water, otherwise, it’ll start to smell, and is grossly bacterial.

The oven

It’s a good idea to clean it out thoroughly fairly regularly because it’s used so often the grease can build up as well as spilt food.

Here’s how to properly clean your oven.


Imagine how many times you touch raw meat, or dirty plates and then quickly flick the tap to wash your hands.. it kind of defeats the purpose if you then touch it with clean hands to turn it off again? Clean them with anti-bacterial as often as you can, daily at least.

Remote control or keyboard

Gunk can easily get stuck in between the keys on either of these objects, it’s a good idea to quickly anti-bac them every now and then.


Especially if you have dogs or cats, who brush past them … after they’ve rolled in poop in the garden.. hygienic! It may seem quite a bit of effort so these don’t need to be done as often as most other items in the home but every 6-12 months is a good benchmark. For more details on washing and which powder to use for what, click here.