How to survive the hot weather

Britain and the rest of Europe are facing a heat wave. As climate change increases heat waves are set to become more frequent. Tempting as it may be to lounge in the sun all day, most of us still have to go to work and continue with our day-to-day lives, so here are some top tips to do just that!

Do stay hydrated

Although seemingly obvious, many people forget to drink enough water. It is usually recommended that we drink 8 glasses of water a day but during a heat wave this should increase to 9 or 10


Don’t push it

Heat lowers productivity so you won’t be working at your usual level. Even if you’re used to strenuous exercise, don’t over exert yourself and instead opt for something a little gentler. When at work, don’t forget to take short breaks during long shifts and don’t expect to be working at your best

Do wear appropriate clothing

Staying cool does not always mean taking clothes off. Airy, light (in colour and weight) clothes can ensure you keep a low body temperature while still being ‘appropriately’ dressed. It’s important to stay a comfortable temperature – especially in the office

Don’t keep windows shut

Although it’s extremely easy to become reliant on air conditioning, opening windows, in some circumstances, can have the same effect, and is better for the environment. If you’re in a room with windows facing different directions, open them all to get a breeze

Do have more frequent showers

Hot weather means more sweating. Although this is your body’s way of regulating your temperature, it isn’t exactly desirable. Take more cool showers in order to reduce body heat and maintain cleanliness. You’ll feel much fresher and should be more productive after

Don’t ignore symptoms

Perhaps the most important tip is to listen to your body. Deaths rose to 650 people above average during last year’s heatwave in the UK so it’s vital to understand and recognise symptoms of heat stroke. If you or someone around you is experiencing a headache, dizziness, cramps, nausea, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing and a lack of sweating then call paramedics immediately.

And lastly…

Do have fun!

We rarely get to see the sunshine in England so enjoy it while it lasts. Go outside, relax in the warmer evenings and have fun