The art of hosting

Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner or a casual soiree, how you plan will help how you host an event, it’s not about being perfect it’s about making your guests feel at ease.

Be classy, no group emails

Unless it’s a BBQ on the green. Invite people personally and invite no less than eight people. They shouldn’t all be friends, neither should they all be strangers.

Don’t be late

With getting ready yourself or with the food. If you tell people to arrive at 8pm then ensure you are ready to begin the evening at 8pm. Serving food later than 9pm is not acceptable, it’s too late, and too long between lunch and dinner.

Typically guests expect to be fed within two hours of arriving

There’s nothing worse than people moaning cause they’re hungry and the food is taking a lot time.

Don’t be too ambitious with food

It’s fairly risky trying a dish for the first time when you’re under pressure (time and expectation), unless you’re confident, stick to something relatively simple and add frills. Although frozen food is to be avoided, preferably. 

Leave any disagreements with your partner, or co-host at the door

Don’t spend the evening making snide remarks or shooting daggers, guests will feel uncomfortable plus no one likes to be around bickering.

Reroute tricky conversations

Regardless of the event, at some point, religion or politics (no-go areas) are bound to be brought up, so just make sure you can sway those discussions. The best way to do this according to Emily Post (etiquette queen) is to say ‘’Sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if I could get everyone’s opinion on xxx”, in other words, invite people into a topic that has nothing to do with the latter conversation.

If you’re serving alcohol, you’re responsible for those drinking it

Make sure they don’t get in a car after or danger themselves or others.

Encourage friends to keep their phones in their bags or pockets whilst at dinner

People today are far too concerned with what their lives look like on Instagram, but try and just enjoy the company of those around you. Dinner games can be a good way to break up the evening and keep guests away from technology, for entertainment inspiration click here.

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Some of the information in this post was sourced from a Tatler post, you can view the full article here. Or for more on entertaining click here.