The basics for a toolkit

Having a small collection of household tools may be useful when you move into your new home…!

Most people accumulate some tools when moving to a place of their own, but these are normally bought as and when, which although could prove cheaper at the time, it holts progress every time you just want to get something done. Imagine every time you want to hang a picture, shave the legs off your just-a-little-too-tall-bar-stools, changing a doorknob or putting up a curtain pole you need to go to the shops to buy the equipment to do it, it turns into a much bigger and lengthier job that it actually is.

In the long run, buying your own toolkit may be a wise investment. If you were to put one together, the below are the basics to include, if financially possible:

  • Long tape measure
  • Claw hammer
  • Flat-headed screwdriver
  • Electrical screwdriver
  • Crosshead or Philips screwdriver
  • A box of mixed size screws
  • Some raw plugs
  • Plyers
  • A pencil

This will not fit in your small bag but will be very useful over timeĀ 

  • A ladder
  • Electric drill
  • Spirit level
  • Small saw