Tips for acing your exams

Get your head in the game…

1. Read the question, read the question, read the question

Teachers always harp on about it, but it’s very important that you read the question at least three times before starting. This may stop you from writing something totally off-topic, which would be a disaster but also is a relatively common mistake.

2. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you can multi-task

It might work in other areas of your life but it’s not worth trying with exams. If you’re watching TV at the same time you’re reading, you’re unlikely to be solely focused on what you’re meant to be revising/learning.

3. Start studying from day dot

Don’t think you’ll be able to cram a term or even a year’s worth of material in at the last minute. Take decent notes from the beginning and continually go through bits you weren’t sure of, ask questions in class, and research throughout the term/year instead of panicking just before your exam.

4. Redo practice papers

Ask for them from your tutors if they aren’t already available. Go over and over them, and time yourself as a way of practicing under pressure. It’s unlikely that the exact same questions will occur in your exam but it’ll allow you to get an idea for the structure and what to look for etc. Typically, they follow suit though, so previous papers are definitely worth checking out.

5. Be anti-social

This includes turning off social media when you’re in the zone, and unfortunately, canceling social plans when you know you need to be reading books. It’s not ideal but think of the end goal instead of what you might be missing out on tomorrow night. But also, don’t work yourself dry, it’s important that you take a break every now and then and go out.

6. Form a study group

It’s great to bounce ideas off each other, and an easier way to discuss topics. For it to work, it needs to be a committed group who are focused on doing the best in their exams, and preferably it needs to be made you of not just your friends because in this case it might be more of a hindrance than a help and you may veer off topic easily.

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+ lastly, GOOD LUCK!