Tips for aspiring freelancers and sole traders

We spoke to Alix Holdaway-Salmon, ultimate #girlboss, about working for yourself, and her tips if you’re thinking about going solo…

Find something to help you switch off

As a business owner, your mind is constantly in business mode. Thinking how you can develop, how to reach out and new ideas etc, and so finding time to really switch off is key (but easier said than done, of course). Some people will practice yoga or meditation, others get stuck into the gym, some will put music on and others will sing and dance. Do whenever you need to do to give yourself a time out.

There’s no right or wrong way, it’s just what works for you. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We’re always so worried about looking like we don’t know what we’re doing that we are scared to ask for help or we don’t want to look silly. If someone is where you want to be or you admire someone, ask them for their thoughts/how they got to where they are. 

Don’t try to be perfect

Striving for perfection can ruin your business. You will make mistakes, use them to learn and don’t be afraid to mess up. Don’t always try to keep everything perfect because it never will be which will result in nothing getting done.

Let go of the opinion of others

Everyone is always so worried about what others think, and people tend to make decisions on what others think is best. But don’t lose sight, this is your life, your business and the only person you need to please is yourself.

People will always find a reason to give you their opinion no matter what it is that you do, so if you are passionate or something is telling you to go for it, then do it. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out, but at least you can say you tried!

Alix Holdaway-Salmon works as a business coach for an internet marketing company in the health and wellness industry. You can follow her on Instagram here.

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