Top 10 car YouTubers to keep tabs on…

1. Shmee150

Tim Burton is one of the first to have created a channel based on flash supercars and extravagant road trips. With his fan base hitting higher than the mil marker on youtube, Instagram and Facebook he’s the one to be following for hypercar test drives and Shmeemobile adventures.

2. Mr JWW

James is a luxurious lifestyle blogger and vlogger who predominantly focuses on cars, and has over a quarter of a million subscribers on youtube. For footage of the world’s most expensive cars and the best driving roads in the world head to his channel.

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3. Supercars of London (SOL)

Paul, an automotive fanatic, started his channel whilst he was at university. Now he travels the world full time, driving cars you’d only dream of. He started by videoing cars in Central London (mainly Mayfair) on the street, and transformed it into a business. For your dream car bucket list check out his channel.

4. Seen Through Glass

Racking up over 57m views, Sam’s automotive lifestyle channel Seen Through Glass brings you the latest from the London supercar scene and along on his European road trips, if you want to see his ‘My Next Daily’ series, and racing with Vettel, his channel is the place to be.

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Full-time investment banker and founder of LDN Muscle Tom Exton chats everything from cars to watches on his YouTube channel. His car vids range from driving a 1.7m McLaren through a Starbucks drive-thru to off-roading in Defenders.

6. Chris Harris on Cars

Chris Harris is one of the presenters currently on Top Gear (as most will know), his YouTube channel created with Neil Carey review the latest cars on the road, with, as he states, ‘little regard for tyre longevity’.

7. EVO

‘On this channel, you’ll find performance car reviews, supercars, and hypercars on the limit, the world’s greatest roads, and in-depth motor show videos’. Today, EVO currently has a magazine, website and an award-winning app, their YouTube channel alone has over half a million subscribers, and in excess of 131m views.

8. Jay Leno’s Garage

With a video added every Sunday and a following of just under 2m Jay Leno shares car and motorcycle reviews, from classic and vintage cars to supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder. For a regular update on the some of the world’s most amazing cars, and Ray’s jaw-dropping car collection, head to his channel.

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9. Autocar

From a team of experts, Autocar upload reviews of a wide range of cars, both super and practical everyday cars. Autocar is a leading motoring magazine and website, meaning the presenters of the YouTube channel have access to the world’s fastest, rarest and most exciting cars on a number of race tracks, take a look at their channel to see the full selection.

10. Car Throttle

An internet car community with a following of over 1.7m, the channel hosts a number of car-related series including ‘2 guys 1 car’, ‘readers’ rides’ and ‘living with’. For a more fun car-obsessed channel, check out Car Throttle.

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