What is UCAS?

UCAS is a service that supports young people after their GCSEs. They are an independent charity providing information, advice, and admissions services to facilitate educational progression.

Find out more about the company on their website here.

What are UCAS points?

The majority of university courses require a certain number of UCAS points to apply. These UCAS points are obtained by your qualification results and grades you achieve. Hypothetically speaking if an A was worth 80 points, and the course you’d like to apply for required 320 points, you would need to achieve 3 A’s to qualify.

To note UCAS Tariff points only apply to Level 3/SCQF Level 6 qualification, not Level 2 qualifications such as GCSEs.

To work out how many points you need, head to the tariff calculator here.

All information adapted from the UCAS site.