Been accepted to university? Here’s what’s next…

You’ll have checked Track, so you’ll know at this point which university you’re going to, but what do you do now…


First, you’ll receive a confirmation letter in Track (UCAS). This letter may contain instructions to send off something or confirm your contact details etc. (it’s likely to vary depending on the university), so obviously you’ll need to activate the instructions if any.

Otherwise, the university will be in touch if they need anything specific from you, such as proof of your qualifications.


Go to the university website and book your accommodation if you’re planning on living in halls (student accommodation). Otherwise, you’ll need to arrange privately rented accommodation.

We’ve created a checklist of what you need to pack when you head off – you can download here


If you have student finance arranged, you shouldn’t need to do anything now. If you have any worries or questions, log in to your finance account and there will FAQs to help.

If you want to be clear, ahead of time, how much you pay back for your borrowed money click here.


Join the university student union group on social channels so you can scout out (stalk) all your fellow classmates ahead of term. That way you’ll also know what’s going on in freshers week too and can get your tickets in early.

Going to university abroad? Whole other ball game, but we’ve got a guide on the process don’t worry. Click here.