Ideas for hosting the best veggie BBQ

Got a summer soiree coming up? Got vegetarians coming but unsure what to cook? Here are a few you can rustle up in no time, plus they’re delicious…

Step 1 – you’re going to need to know how to start up a barbie, do you know how to start a fire? Click here if not.

Sweet potato with red pepper and halloumi skewers

Parboil the sweet potato, but not quite so it falls off the fork. Then skewer red pepper, halloumi and sweet potato, drizzle with olive oil and pop on the barbeque. For a real treat, drizzle with black treacle for a sweet tang, but don’t go overboard as it’s quite strong. 

Avocado, feta and crushed new potatoes with pomegranate seeds

This is a cold salad-y dish, easy to prepare ahead of time. Chargrill slices of avocado then cut up and pop in a serving dish, chop the feta into chunks and chuck in. Boil new potatoes with the skins on but cut in half (want to do something different with a potato? click here), then once soft crush with the back of a fork slightly and add to the salad. For colour add pomegranate seeds and basil, and if you’re feeling extra generous pine nuts go great in this dish!

Cheesy corn on the cob with coriander

Barbeque with a knob of butter on each cob, then coat with plenty of parmesan shavings and a squeeze of lime.

Aubergine skewers with harissa hummus and flatbread

Pop a tin of chickpeas in the blender, add in cumin, chilli, a few squeezes of lemon juice, a handful of chopped coriander, harissa paste and season with salt and pepper, then cover and chill. Now for the Aubergine, chop it into hefty chunks and thread approx. 3 onto a skewer and roast on the barbeque. Lastly, chargrill the flatbread to serve with the dish.

Courgette lollipops with sweet chilli

For this, you’ll need to use baby courgettes, top and tail them and cut into equal chunks and pop in a baking dish. Add your sauce (we choose chilli, honey, oil and lemon zest with seasoning) the let to marinate for a few hours. Then skewer as you would a kebab for each chunk so it looks like a (v healthy) lollipop and put on the barbeque to cook (these may take slightly longer to soften than you think, so pop them on first and just keep checking).

Garlic mushrooms with halloumi in a bun

Crush garlic and smear it onto portabella mushrooms (the big ones), then pop on the barbeque to toast with a small knob of butter, or oil. Grill thick slices of halloumi until chargrilled. Pop in a warm bun with a handful of rocket and a spoonful of sauce (sweet chilli jam goes really well with this we think)

And for pudding…

A cheese selection, figs and crackers – you can’t beat it, it’s a crowd-pleaser.