Ways to make extra cash at university

A few suggestions to look into, if you are in need of a little extra cash at university…

1. Online surveys

There are tons of websites that offer rewards from filling out surveys, whether its vouchers or cash. Very little effort is required for this one, you can even do it from your sofa. Wow freebies is a gooden but there are literally hundreds if you just google

2. Fiverr

You can advertise and sell your skillset and sign up for small jobs that people are willing to pay for. The jobs can be as small as painting a door to writing website copy. Link here

3. Get a job

Get a flexible job in a bar or pot washing in the evening or a few hours at the weekend – enough time to make some extra cash but not enough to keep you from studying

4. Tutor

If you’re studying a core academic course such as English, Science or Maths then tutoring for schools and colleges in the local area can be an easy way to earn a few bob. There are lots of Facebook groups, you could also ask to pop a flyer at the college or the local community notice board

5. Become a delivery rider

You don’t even need to own a car for this one, a bike will suffice. Deliveroo or Ubereats are always looking for delivery riders or drivers to deliver food, what’s more you can normally work whenever you want

6. eBay your old stuff

You’ll be surprised how much some things go for on eBay… have a clear-out and see how much similar items are going for on sites such as eBay, you might be on to a winner. If you just want to get rid of things regardless of how much they make then keep the starting bid super low, i.e. 99p

7. Sell on your second-hand course books

eBay works for this as does Amazon but both take a commission. Alternatively, you could contact first years, or put a notice up on your student union notice board