Workouts for beginners

Workouts are great for getting the blood pumping, waking yourselves up and getting that little bit more exercise in that we know we all probably should do! Here are a couple of main points and tips on how to create a simple workout.

Going off the assumption you are a beginner, one of the easiest programs to follow would be a full body workout. (Things can get slightly more confusing if you want to start splitting muscles groups up on different days which is a little more advanced.)

What is a full body workout?

So, a full-body workout will include the three essential muscle groups; Legs, Chest and back. Now within these groups, you will be working different muscles for example on a leg exercise, you are likely to use a mixture of the quadriceps (top of the thigh), hamstrings (back of the thigh), glute (bottom) and gastrocnemius (calves) at different stages of the exercise.

Now we have the basics explained, here is a little 45-minute full-body exercise workout plan for a beginner in the gym.

Where to start…

Start with a warm-up. 5-10 minutes on a rowing machine at a steady pace (not too easy, but don’t kill yourself on it) is great to elevate the body’s heart rate and get you ready for a workout! The rowing machine is great because you can warm up more of the body during the pull phase of the row. Although a run or cycle will also do the job!

After the warm-up, it is important to stretch. Stretching out muscles ensures they are warm and ready for service!

Now for the main event…

Below is a table of exercises that include the main group’s chest, legs and back. There are three columns which give you a full-body workout with some variation of exercises to keep it interesting if you prefer other exercises!

Workout 1Workout 2Workout 3
Leg press machineKettlebell goblet squatBodyweight squat (on a bosu)
Kick back machineLeg extension machineSquat machine
Chest press machineBarbell chest pressDumbbell chest press
Bench dumbbell flysBench cable flysIncline/decline fly
Overhand pull-ups (assisted machine)Lat pulldown machineSeated cable row
Single arm rowsBent over rowStanding cable row
Barbell shoulder pressUpright rowLateral barbell raises

How many of each?

These exercises should be done with roughly 6-12 reps over 2-4 sets with a minimum of 60 seconds rest in between sets! This will allow your body to recover enough for the next set.


After these exercises, it is important to incorporate a warm down/cool down into your workout. This can be just a 5-10-minute light run or cycle at the end of your workout which will allow your body to reduce the heart rate back to its steady-state. Remember to stretch! You’ll thank yourself the day after you work out if you remember to stretch. It mainly helps to alleviate some of the lactic acids from your worked muscles so they do not feel as sore in the days to come!

Information courtesy of PT Sebastian Bodilly

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