How to write a letter of resignation

What to include on a letter of resignation:

1. Check your work contract, and see how long your notice period is… you’ll need to reference this in the letter, they’re typically 2 weeks or one month

2. Don’t complain about anything. Burning bridges is never a good idea; you don’t know when you might need them again. However if there is a specific reason you’re leaving that you’d like the company to know, do so politely

3. Keep it short and professional, don’t beat around the bush this isn’t the time to waffle

4. You can be friendly but make sure it’s formal

5. Say thank you for the experience/their time

6. Date the letter (if you’re sending in an email, there is no need because the email will be time stamped)

7. Always proof read!

An example template…

  • Start with ‘I am writing to inform you of my resignation…’
  • State your current position and the company name
  • Mention when you’d like the resignation to be effective from i.e. ‘effective from two weeks today’

Depending on the formality of the company, you may be able to put the above letter into an email instead of sending an actual letter.